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The Very Rev. Canon Terence McGovern, S.T.M.

Vicar General

S.T.M., Collegium Augustinianum

S.T.B., Collegium Augustinianum

Ph.B., Collegium Augustinianum

Vicar, St. Patrick Old-Catholic Parish, Trumbull, CT

Chaplain, Fire Department

Chaplain, Bureau of Police, Pittsburgh, PA

Addiction & Recovery Specialist

D.Min., Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

S.T.M. (ad eundem), Collegium Augustinianum

M.A., Pontifical Josephinum College Seminary

M.Div., Pontifical Josephinum College Seminary

B.A., La Roche College

The Rev. William Beute, S.T.M., M.B.A.

Assisting Chaplain, Valley Forge Military Academy, Wayne, PA

S.T.M., Collegium Augustinianum

M.B.A., Rutgers University

The Rev. Mr. Gerald L. Boyer, Jr., S.T.L.

Deacon, Pittsburgh, PA

S.T.L., Collegium Augustinianum

B.A., Robert Morris University

The Rev. Jose S. Landaverde, M.Div.*

Chicago, IL

B.A., Catholic Theological Union

M.Div., Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

*In process for Incardination

Licensed Clergy Incardinated in the Episcopal Church


The Rev. Canon Robert Kerr, Ph.D.

(Priest of the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan)

B.A., Concordia University

M.A., Eastern Michigan University

M.A., Ashland Theological Seminary

Psy.S., Michigan School of Psychology

Ph.D., Union Institute & University

Deceased Clergy

The Rev. Martin LoMonico, Ph.D. †

Professor Emeritus, Neumann University

West Chester, PA

B.S., Ithaca College

M.S., CUNY-Brooklyn College

M.S., SUNY-Albany College

M.A., Hunter College

Ph.D., Rensseler Polytechnic Institute

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