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Prelature Clergy

Active Clergy with Full Faculties


The Very Rev. William Beute, M.B.A., S.T.M.

Kenilworth, NJ

The Rev. Mr. Gerald L. Bowyer, Jr., S.T.L.

Pittsburgh, PA

The Rev. Linda Holverstott-Jarvis, S.T.L.*

Guttenberg, NJ

Clergy on Administrative Leave of Absence

The Rev. Anthony Martini, M.A., S.T.M.

Shillington, PA

Clerics in Minor Orders

Christian de Paulo 


Wesley Parrott, M.Mus.


Deceased Clergy

The Rev. Professor Martin LoMonico, Ph.D. 

West Chester, PA



 *     =Clergy in the process of Incardination, granted temporary Faculties

 **   =Priests granted the Faculties as a Confessor.