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Living our ancient Catholic faith in the modern world

The College of Bishops is a consultative Episcopal body, consisting of Collegial and Honorary Old-Catholic and Anglican Bishops.


His Grace, The Most. Rev. Lamido A. Buba, Ph.D., D.Min., D.D.

Dean of the Church of Nigeria, Archbishop of Kaduna

and Bishop of Wusasa

(Anglican Communion)

His Grace, The Most Rev. Daniel Y. Sarfo, D.D.

Primate and Archbishop Emeritus and Bishop of Ghana

Church of the Province of West Africa

(Anglican Communion)

The Rt. Rev. Carlos Enrique Lainfiesta

Suffragan Bishop

Iglesia Episcopal de Guatemala

(Anglican Communion)

The Rt. Rev. Rodney R. Michel, D.D.

Assisting Bishop (Retired)

Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania

(Anglican Communion)

and Episcopal Visitor to the Order of St. Willibrord

Bp Craig 2023.jpg

The Rt. Rev. Charles F. C. Tobin, S.T.M.

Retired Assisting Bishop


His Grace, The Most Rev. S. Tilewa Johnson, D.D. †

Primate and Archbishop, Church of the Province of West Africa

(Anglican Communion)

and First Patron of the Old Catholic Confederation

College of Bishops

The Rt. Rev. Craig J. N. de Paulo, Ph.D.
Retired Archbishop 

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