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Synod of Bishops

The Synod of Bishops is the national assembly (σύνοδος) of canonical Old Catholic bishops in the United States, providing episcopal leadership and apostolic guidance concerning theological orthodoxy, moral teachings, spirituality, tradition, liturgy, rituals and canonical matters of the Old Catholic Church in the United States.

All bishops are elected by the Synod of Bishops, requiring the consent of lay and clergy delegates representing the National Church. The Synod includes voting and non-voting bishops. Ordinary, or Diocesan, bishops, have voting rights and vote by consensus. The non-voting bishops include auxiliary bishops, assisting bishops, collegial bishops and honorary bishops. 

Further, the Synod is assisted by lay and clerical experts in the sacred sciences, who work with the Canon Theologian as consultors to the Synod.



His Grace, The Most Rev. Craig J. N. de Paulo, Ph.D., D.D.

Primate and Archbishop of the United States (Old Catholic Confederation)

and Episcopal Commissary of the Church of the Province of West Africa (Anglican Communion)

to the Episcopal Church in the United States



His Grace, The Most. Rev. Lamido Ali Buba, D.D.

Metropolitan-Archbishop of Kaduna Province and Bishop of Wusasa 

Dean of the Church of Nigeria

(Anglican Communion)

The Rt. Rev. Carlos Enrique Lainfiesta

Suffragan Bishop, Iglesia Episcopal de Guatemala

(Anglican Communion)

The Rt. Rev. Rodney R. Michel, D.D.

Assisting Bishop, Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania

(Anglican Communion)

His Grace, The Most Rev. Dr. Daniel Y. Sarfo, Ph.D., D.D.

Primate and Archbishop, Church of the Province of West Africa

(Anglican Communion)


His Excellency, The Rt. Rev. Charles F.C. Tobin, S.T.M.

Retired Assisting Bishop


His Grace, The Most Rev. Peter Paul Brennan, D.D. 

Former Bishop of New York and Titular Archbishop of Cork

His Grace, The Most Rev. Dr. S. Tilewa Johnson

Former Primate and Archbishop, Church of the Province of West Africa (Anglican Communion)

Former Patron and Collegial Bishop of the Old Catholic Confederation

2018 Clergy Delegates to the Synod

The Clergy Delegates to the Synod come from the College of Canons of the Archdiocese of the United States and from Clergy elected from their own local Presbyterium representing the respective local Churches.


The Rev. Canon Rudy Raes, S.T.L.

Brussels, Belgium

The Rev. Canon Terence McGovern, Ph.B., S.T.B.

Trumbull, Connecticut

2018 Lay Delegates to the Synod

Lay Delegates are elected from among the parishes and local Dioceses to represent the lay faithful at the Synod.


Professor Mark Edwards, D. Phil.

Canon Theologian of the Old Catholic Confederation

and Theological Consultant to the Synod of Bishops


(United States-Texas)


(United States-Texas)


(United States-Pennsylvania)

Mr. Ronald Federico

(United States-Pennsylvania)

Mr. Jose Luis Gomez

(United States-California)


(United States-California)


(United States-New Jersey) 


(United States- New Jersey)

Episcoporum Synodi Actis Apostolicis