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St. Willibrord Priory

St. Willibrord Priory is an Old-Catholic community of priests, oblates and associates dedicated to a life of contemplation, study and teaching. 

An autonomous (sui juris) priory, St. Willibrord's has an Oratory (chapel), library, refectory, chapter room, common room, offices, club room, gift shop and gardens in addition to the archbishop’s private apartment and enclosed dormitory for members and guests. 

The priory is governed by the Master General of the Order who is Grand Prior of the St. Willibrord Priory. The Master General is assisted by his Curia, the Priory Chapter and the Board of Councillors. The priory serves as Generalate of the Order and a house of study for all members of the Order and postulants for holy Orders.

The Center for Spirituality and Ecumenism at St. Willibrord's offers lectures, workshops and courses in philosophy, theology, church history, sacred art and spirituality. The Center also hosts retreats for anyone seeking communion with God and spiritual peace. 

The Oratory (Chapel) at St. Willibrord Priory celebrates the Holy Eucharist every Sunday morning at 11am and on the Vigil of the Great Feasts of the Church at 10pm. On Wednesday evenings at 7pm, the Oratory holds Taize Evening prayer, chanted with candles and incense.

                                             Visit St. Willibrord Priory website go to: www.stwillibrordpriory.org


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