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In order to promote the cause of visible and theological unity among all those who identify as Old-Catholic and for all those seeking religious association with the Old Catholic Confederation, individuals and institutions may become OCC members in order to affirm their Old-Catholic identity and support the mission and ministries of the Old Catholic Confederation.

What does it mean to be Old-Catholic?

An Old-Catholic is a baptized Christian who:

1) Adheres to the First Seven Ecumenical Councils of the Church.

2) Professes the Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed in its original formula.

3) Assumes theological, liturgical and spiritual continuity with the Ancient Church and its sacred Tradition.

4) Affirms Apostolic Succession and the Episcopal-Synodical Polity of the Church.

5) Understands Liturgical Worship as Ancient, Mystical and Solemn.

6) Needs the Sacraments of the Church.

7) Affirms the Apostolic Primacy of Conscience as the highest moral teaching in matters of individual morality.

8) Respects the Pope, the Bishop of Rome, as the Spiritual Head of the Church 

and "Primus inter Pares" (First among Equals) in relationship with all Bishops.

9) Rejects the Papal claim to universal (Episcopal) supremacy over the Church.

10) Rejects the modern Dogma of Papal Infallibility.


Individual Membership 

OCC Membership is open to any baptized Clergy or Lay Christian who identifies as an Old Catholic Christian and affirms the Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed. Individual OCC Members must have a clear Old-Catholic identity and profess the Niceno-Constantinopolitan creed in is original ancient formula. 

Institutional Membership

Old Catholic Dioceses, Parishes, Religious Orders or Fellowships are also eligible for OCC Instituional Membership. OCC Institutional Members must have a clear Old-Catholic ecclesial identity and affirm the Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed in its original ancient formula. 


OCC Member Privileges:

OCC Membership provides 1) Recognition as Old-Catholic by the Old Catholic Confederation, 2) Legal permission granted to use the registered Trademark "Old Catholic" through affiliation and term of membership, 3) Ministry and mission opportunities within the OCC and the worldwide Anglican Communion for qualified members, 4) Eligibility for OCC Ecclesiastical Endorsement in the U.S. Armed Forces as a Commissioned Officer (active duty or reserves) in the Chaplain's Corp for qualified clergy, 5) Special Invitations to national events, Ecumenical Eucharistic concelebrations, conferences, workshops and courses on Old-Catholic theology, liturgy, canon law, church history and retreats at St. Willibrord Priory, 6) Fellowship with other American Old-Catholics, 7) Privileges at St. Willibrord Priory, the spiritual center of Old-Catholics in the United States and 8) Prayerful remembrance at the Oratory Altar by the priests of St. Willibrord Priory. 

The Old Catholic Confederation neither assumes nor accepts any responsibility for the actions or practices that may result from any of its members. 

Membership in the OCC Association of Christians is a religious association celebrating our common religious identity as Old-Catholic. Membership does not confer faculties or licensure for ministry.

Bishops are required to sign the Covenant of faith, polity and policy below: 


To become an OCC Member, 1) simply fill out the Membership form (below left) and press send, and 2) make your annual contribution to the Old Catholic Confederation via paypal (below right).

Thank you for your registration as an OCC Member. To complete your registration as a Member, Please make the appropriate tax-deductible contribution via paypal on this page. Thank you for your support and welcome to the OCC!
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1) Bishop Annual Member Contribution:                $400.00 
2) Priest & Deacon Member Annual Contribution:   $100.00. 
3) Lay Member Annual Contribution:                   $50.00 
4) Diocese Member Annual Contribution:              $500.00 
5) Parish Member Annual Contribution:                $300.00 
6) Religious Order Member Annual Contribution:    $200.00
7) Fellowship MemberAnnual Contribution:           $200.00