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OCC Diversity Statement

In accordance with the sacred teachings of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who commands us to “love the Lord our God and our neighbor as ourselves” and by whose command the Apostles went to “teach all nations,” this Synod of Bishops affirms that the Church Catholic exists for all people and that it must never discriminate against any human being, remembering that we have all been created in the “Image and likeness” of God.

As a confederation of churches from around the world, the Old Catholic Confederation is international and multicultural by nature and celebrates the racial, ethnic, cultural and linguistic diversity among our people, which is reflected in the diversity of liturgical practices and the use of the vernacular in the Church.  

As a matter of conscience, for the sake of justice, love and compassion, and in our desire to respect the rights of all people, the Old Catholic Confederation welcomes all men and women regardless of sexual orientation or identity, as the children of God, called to full Sacramental participation and equal rights in the Church.