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Incardinated and Licensed Clergy

Archdiocesan Clergy 


The Very Rev. William Beute, M.B.A., S.T.M.

Kenilworth, NJ

The Rev. Mr. Gerald L. Bowyer, Jr., S.T.L.

Pittsburgh, PA

The Rev. Julian Camillo Garcia Londono

Baltimore, MD

The Very Rev. Ricardo Lopez Ramirez, M.Div.**

Midland, TX

The Rev. Anthony Martini, O.S.W., M.A., S.T.M.**

Levittown, PA

The Rev. Canon Terence McGovern

Trumbull, CT

The Rev. Canon Rudy Raes, S.T.L.

Brussels, Belgium/ DieHiba Duékoué (Ivory Coast)

The Rev. Canon Jason Voss

Evanston, Wyoming


Licensed Priests
(Incardinated in Other Dioceses)

The Rev. Robert Catlett (ECCUSA)

The Rev. Richard Conrad, M.Div., M.S.Ed. (ECCUSA)

The Rev. Jeremiah F. Donohue, O.M.T. (ECCUSA) 

The Rev. C. Michael Kissel (ECCUSA)

The Rev. William E. LaGrand, O.M.T., M.A. (ECCUSA)

The Rev. G. Bruce Makowski, D.W.S. (ECCUSA) 

The Rev. Brian Spencer, M.Div., M.S. (ECCUSA)

The Rev. Thomas Whitehead, O.S.B., M.S. (ECCUSA) 

Licensed Deacons
(Incardinated in Other Dioceses)

Vocational Deacons

The Rev. Deacon Barry H. Benth (ECCUSA) 

Transitional Deacons

Clergy on Canonical Leave of Absence

The Rev. Stephen Coates, Ph.D. (OCCUS)

Retired Clergy

The Rev. Fulvio Anastasio (INCC)

The Rev. John Fanzano, S.T.B. (INCC)

The Very Rev. Canon Carlo M. Renzi, J.D., S.T.L. (OCCUS)

The Rev. Archdeacon Christopher Schott, M.A. (INCC)

Deceased Clergy

The Rev. Professor Martin LoMonico, Ph.D. (OCCUS)

Clerics in Minor Orders

Subdeacon Christian de Paulo (OCCUS) 

Cantor Wesley Parrott (OCCUS) 

Clergy under Suspension

OCC Dioceses, Vicariates, Religious Orders and Members Churches

Clergy under suspension are not listed on this website. To inquire about a specific member of the clergy, please contact the Office of the Chancery with your inquiry.

Thank you for the Office of the Chancery of the Old Catholic Confederation and the Archdiocese of the United States. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
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OCC =Old Catholic Confederation/Incardinated with the Primate

OCCUS = Old Catholic Confederation/Archdiocese of the United States

OCCUS/VM = Old Catholic Confederation Vicariate for U.S. Military

FdeSJC = Brothers of St. John of the Cross

OMT = Order of Mary the Theotokos

OSB = Order of St. Benedict

OSW= Order of St. Willibrord

ECCUSA = Ecumenical Catholic Church USA

INCC = Italian National Catholic Church 



 *     =Clergy in the process of Incardination, granted temporary Faculties

 **   =Priests granted the Faculties as a Confessor.